Spyder Buggy SRX 2wd 1/10 SUPERKOMBO!
Vi erbjuder Serpent Spyder superkombo under en begränsad tid med SpeedPassion Reventon Pro 1.1...
4 899:-
Serpent 411 Eryx 3.0 1/10 Superkombo
Kombo med SpeedPassion Reventon PRO 1.1 och MMM 3.0 motor med valfri lindning.
6 300:-
Gens ace 6500mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery 47#(EFRA & BRC approved)
Gens ace lipo 6500mAh 2S1P 50C Hardcase battery pack(EFRA & BRC approved) suited to the following...
Serpent Project 4X 1/10 EP
Serpent's new 1/10 scale TC is nearing its completion and will be ready to ship start september.
5 899:-
Serpent Cobra E-Truggy RTR orange
RTR ready to race Truggy EL. Komplett Truggy med radio och motor/fartreglage
5 399:-
Viper 977 EVO
Finns i lager !
5 999:-